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[ROM] Floyo (2.2.5) v1.0a HACKDROID [updated 20-7-2011]

Greetings all. I've decided to split racht's ROM post, because he's already developing two ROMs, which is Floyo and CM7. This post will concentrate on his Floyo ROM only.

Installation Requirements:
Rooted phone
Baseband version xxx15

Backup your current ROM before installing!

Busybox + xRecovery is preinstalled in ROM so you can restore backups later
If upgrading from my previous rom to newer version, do Advanced Restore and restore only /system partition, all your data will be preserved.

Different baseband? Take the new baseband and flasher from racht's server here
just the firmware if you have the flash tool already, here
Check if u need update by typing "busybox uname -a", u need this (notice date) :
Linux localhost 2.6.29 #1 PREEMPT Fri Dec 17 18:35:45 2010 armv6l GNU/Linux
blagus - thanks a lot !

1. Why I can't move EVERY app to SD with froyo/ginger native app2sd ?!
- there're limitations, read more here

ROM Download

Updated 20-July-2011: updated!
Floyo (2.2.5) v1.0a HACKDROID
Download : Floyo 1.0
Bugs: None?
Notes: shares code with FroyoBread-21b; undervolt,pinch-to-zoom,theme chooser,DSP,FM,edgeglow etc.
Themes included : Buuf,NTSense,Arc,GingerSystem,RetroDroid,and more

Updated 5-July-2011:
Floyo (2.2.5) v1.0 HACKDROID
Download : Floyo 1.0
Bugs: None?
Notes: shares code with FroyoBread-18; undervolt,pinch-to-zoom,theme chooser,DSP,FM,edgeglow etc.
Themes included : NTSense,Xperia,GingerSystem,RetroDroid

Updated 16-June-2011 : updated (brightness fix)
2.2.9 CM Floyo v0.30 Really the last one (until the next version)
Download : Floyo v0.30
Working : Everything.This rom is really fast and has no bugs (?)
Based on FroyoBread(0.12)by doixanh (thanks!) + circle battery with %
fixes : sense theme, mpeg4 video-recording,wifi (wpa2+adhoc), some others.
Bugs: autobrightness might be dark, not sure yet why. At least its not completely dark.

Updated 03-June-2011 :
2.2.9 CM Floyo v0.25
Download : Floyo v0.25
Working : Everything.
Based on FroyoBread by doixanh (thanks!)

Updated 06-May-2011 : updated!
2.2.1 CM Floyo v0.20
Download : Floyo v0.20
Working : Everything!
Fixes : cummulative fixes up to 5th may 2011 (everything you need)
No undervolt, no overclock, only stable,very fast and generic-looking rom.
If you are updating X8 for your gf/friend/etc install this, they will be happy and won't bug you much..
if upgrading from older floyo or other cm6 rom, wipe cache(!), but u can keep old data partition.
update: latest google apps(market,maps,talk..), brightness fix, keymap fix.
VGA-video recording fix : here, put it in /system/etc

Updated 06-Mar-2011 :
2.2.1 CM Floyo v0.15
Download : Floyo v0.15
Working : Almost everything.. (app2sd is fixed native and app2sd+)
Broken : Video (record), FMRadio,ANT+
To enable FMRadio in 0.15, install this update

All content provided above was taken fully from its original thread here. I got nothing to do with this, credits goes to racht himself for developing this awesome ROM. Donate to him if you like the ROM!

tags: hvga, 320x480, xperia x8, android, optimus one, p500, xperia x8 games, xperia x8 games apk, xperia x8 apps, xperia x8 apk, rom, hackdroid, floyo, froyo, gingerbread, cyanogenmod 7, cm7, cm6

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