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[ROM] MiniCM7 - 2.0.7 - GingerBread 2.3.5 for X8 [updated 28-8-11]

this ROM is developed originally for x10 mini by nobodyAtall. here's guy(ponanovn) from x8 community manage to port it to our lovely x8

Visit Project's page @ google code

MiniCM7 is part of the FreeXperia project

MiniCM7 is custom-built, based on CyanogenMod 7, running Android Gingerbread on top of stock SE kernel and is stripped off as many SE 2.1 stuff as possible.


  • MiniCM7 is built for X10mini. It is a stable and the most feature-complete Gingerbread ROM for day to day use
  • This is a team work by DaRk_dOg and nobodyAtall
  • Do not ask if this ROM has stuff NOT supported by either the kernel (i.e. Wifi Tether / Swap) or the device hardware (i.e. Flash). If any exotic features are implemented they will be in the following 'Feature list'
  • The MiniCM7 theme is made exclusively for the MiniCM7 ROM. It is not to be used with other ROMS, so DON'T rip it unless your ROM is MiniCM
  • For Troubleshooting common issues visit:
  • To everyone: Please don't mirror this ROM


  • Everything

  • Built for LDPI
  • MiniCM Update notifications via c2dm (CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications)
  • App2sd / Dalvik2sd compatible with 2.1 app2sd (storing to ext2/3/4 pre-existing partition is detected and mounted as such)
  • Gingerbread's native App2sd (storing to fat)
  • ClockworkMod recovery v. and option to reboot into Recovery (Encryption - Multiboot Ready!)
  • Undervolting and Overclocking handled CM Settings menu (by default none is active)
  • Extra CM Performance Settings menu for SD Read Cache Speed
  • Extra CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness
  • Smooth 2D scrolling in menus
  • Fake Dual touch thanks to doixanh and andrej456
  • Overclocking / Undervolting thanks to doixanh
  • Mddi lag fix thanks to doixanh

Bugs: (Please use the project's tracker for reporting bugs. Please file them properly following the template or they will be discarded.)


  • Root
  • CWM recovery already installed. If you have xRecovery, flash CWM from here.
  • Latest 2.1.1.A.0.6/2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware / Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 due to kernel dependencies. This is automatically tested during the installation.

  • Download the latest ROM from the release link that follows
  • Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc.
  • Rename the <release>.zip file to
  • Download the latest Google Apps for CM7 from here (check for the latest gapps)
  • Copy the, as well as the downloaded Google Apps for CM7 zip that you previously downloaded to your sdcard (top level)
  • Reboot to CWM recovery
  • Keep a backup of your current status using CWM's Backup & Restore in case you want to restore.
  • Select 'wipe data/factory reset' if you were not already using MiniCM7
  • Select 'apply update from sdcard' from the top menu of CWM recovery
  • Flash the Google Apps for CM7 zip you previously downloaded via 'install zip from sdcard'
  • Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)
  • Once your device has booted, you can navigate to CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications and select 'Register'. This way you can get update notifications on new versions of MiniCM7!
Please make sure you followed the above steps before reporting any issues.

Downloads: do NOT mirror
MiniCM7 2.0.7 - Google code
Google-Apps check latest here

If you are enjoying this ROM please consider donating: 
Donations are voluntary but allow him to spend more time on this device.

Build Changelog:
(Also viewable on your device via: Settings -> CM settings -> System -> View changelog)
For a full list of Cyanogenmod changes check the gerrit:,status:merged,n,z
### MiniCM7-2.0.7
* CM Setting (input settings) for back button to end current call
* Added Smartass governor (thanks to AnDyX), not enabled by default
* Wpa_supplicant / Wifi from sources
* Rotary doesn't cover caller's name any more
* LED flash via notification bar
* Offline charging for X8

### MiniCM7-2.0.6
* netcfg, libbluedroid from sources
* Improved bluetooth / FM Radio functionality
* liblights from sources (notifications should blink now)
* Replaced Launcher2 with ADWLauncher
* Fixed /data getting filled up with failed download files
* MDPI and several other fixes for X8

### MiniCM7-2.0.5
* Fixed ddms screen capture
* Full camera capabilities (photos / video / AF / Flash) using eclair libcamera (thanks to doixanh)
* Fixed chargemon script for multiboot
* Smoother 2D scrolling

### MiniCM7-2.0.4
* Android version 2.3.5 (GRJ90)
* Removed Launcher pro (you can download latest rev. from market)
* Optimize apks and strip down size
* Updated LiveWallpapers
* Updated CWM recovery to x10mini (multiboot + encryption)

### MiniCM7-2.0.3
* Cyanogenmod 7.1.0-RC1
* Theme updates for various parts
* Radio app improvements
* Fixed Usb debugging notification icon
* backuptool on installation that backs up and restores google propriatery system files 
(no need to reflash gapps if it was already installed)

### MiniCM7-2.0.2
* ClockworkMod recovery v. for x10mini
* Baseband verification on installation
* Build number: GRJ22 (almost CM7.1) - several changes from Cyanogen
* Many theme updates for MiniCM7 theme, new OrangeHaze theme
* SDcard Cache size changed to 128K to avoid music players hiccups

### MiniCM7-2.0.1
* MiniCM Update notifications via c2dm (CM Settings -> System -> Update notifications)
* Camcoder high quality mode (VGA: 640x480)
* Many Theme updates in numerous system places and applications
* Cyanogenmod now has an option in CM Settings -> Lock screen -> Style options -> Incoming call style
* Undervolting and Overclocking handled CM Settings menu (by default none is active)
* Notification led
* Fixed audio routing in FM Radio app
* APN settings listing 
* gralloc reverted to stock (better performance)
* Sensors fixed, working in compat mode
* Compass fixed
* Fixed Magic smoke wallpaper
* Permission Management for apps by Cyanogenmod
* Launcher Pro 0.8.6

### MiniCM7-2.0.0
* Cyanogen7.0.3 - Android 2.3.4 code baseline
* Built for LDPI
* MiniCM7 theme
* GSM/SMS/Data(3G, EDGE)
* Wifi
* FM Radio
* Fixed reboots bug
* Stock audio Recording
* Flash led (Torch app)
* ADB at boot
* Sensors (except proximity and light)
* OpenGL/3D
* Audio Jack
* Video decoder
* Video playback support for 3rd party apps
* Vibration
* Bluetooth
* App2sd (storing to ext*. Detect ext3/4 partitions and mount as such)
* Native App2sd
* xRecovery preinstalled
* Usb mass storage
* Audio Mixer
* Camera (VGA)
* Stock SE keyboard
* Offline charging
* Reboot menu - boot into xRecovery
* tun module (vpnc)
* Fake DT support (Thanks to: doixanh, andrej456)
* Overclocking (Thanks to: doixanh)
* Mddi lag fix (Thanks to: doixanh)
* CM Settings performance menu for setting the Sdcard read cache size (speed improvements for sdcard)
* CM Settings performance menu for CPU Overclocking
* CM Settings display menu for Ultra brightness

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  1. Great Job, I'll try it out! Thanks!

  2. @Anonymous

    some ppl said it got problem with calling. I've added link to v2.0.5a. enjoy :)

  3. I have a doubt, in "mod version" it shows up MiniCM7-2.0.4, but I`m supposed to be using, is this OK? or do I have wrong version?

  4. @nrgmaster

    I think yes. Maybe the developer forgot to change those. I haven't tested it myself. still doing some experiment of my battery life.

  5. @nrgmaster

    check camera. if no FC when using full 3.2MP, that means the ROM is 2.0.5 :)

  6. Tks, I don`t know what FC means, but my guess from what I`ve read would be "something going wrong" :) and no, camera work perfectly on 3.2Mp, so I`ll assume everything it's OK

  7. @nrgmaster

    FC means "Force Closes". there's a popup showing error messages. ok then, enjoy the ROM. :)

  8. several camera shutter clicks makes the camera not functioning!!!! :((

  9. @Tharindu Rankothge

    its a common bug. it will be ok after reboot. try GingerDX, the camera is fixed now, in apps as well (Barcode scanner etc)

  10. yaa..GingerDX is better!!i tried both GingerCruzt and MiniCM7 (Both latest ones)...
    but GingerDX is more stable and Bugs free..:)

  11. @Tharindu Rankothge

    thanks for the feedback mate. It'll help others :)

  12. wow!!! i like gingerdx v012! great!

  13. gingerdx the best! Can you add to consumer malaysia malay language? and if I format my sdcard x8 or replace will be an impact on my x8?

    1. jobo ko mawan.haha.raya sik g rmh

  14. Navigation doesnt work in CM7?? i get a message saying its not available in my country. But it used to work fine when i was using floyo.. can anyone help?

  15. workkk finee!!!awesome!!goodjob!i only have problem with mms..cant receive & send mmms

  16. After restoring my backup apps to minicm7 rom.i canot uninstall or open it..i need to remove pls help me....

  17. and now I do not recognize android market

  18. @vasil

    did you flash the

  19. Sir my question is when i starting to open my Xperia X8 it will stuck in Sony ericsson Logo i can't use my phone now

  20. Plz Reply T_T my phone stuck! T_T

  21. had the same problem aj, what did you do? help us pls?

  22. does the mms works??

  23. Hi all, what languages does it support? Can I expect same as I have 2.1.?

  24. Ajay And Marcus You Could Use this thing to repair your phone

    Just Try to Ask my "Friend" = "Google" on how to fix xperia stuck on bootloading

    If i help Say thanks and i'll loved it... :D


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