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[ROM] GingerDX | v020 | [updated 23-11-2011]

GingerDX ROM by doixanh

I think we need a logo/boot animation for GingerDX. Anyone helps?
This time, it's GingerDX. As you can guess, it's gonna be a Gingerbread with DX (that's abbreviation for my nickname) features. Many well-known features ("smooth" optimization, flip to mute/snooze...) in FroyoBread will be brought to this ROM. Basically, this ROM will be similar to FroyoBread in term of features, but different in core (CM7 vs CM6).
The main goal is to have a fast, smooth, lightweight CM7 with special features.

2D performance was greatly improved in GingerDX (compared to stock CM7) because of lots of optimizations. Optimization for 2D was the first priority for me after building CM7. Camera was a pain in the {you know what} for all Gingerbread ROMs. Starting from v005, GingerDX supports fully working Camera at 3MP and VGA Video Recording. Also, WEP adhoc is fully supported. 

Like previously, I asked racht and got permission to base my ROM on his famous HACKDROID. Thank you racht. I still need to thank for your compile machine 

FeaturesSimilar to FroyoBread

  • Clean stock CM7. Latest Gingerbread 2.3.5.
  • Fully working Camera 
  • Minimal number of apps are installed.
  • Lightweight: maximum 99MB of free RAM.
  • My favorite modules: X8Gesture v007X8Undervolt v001X8MDDI v001AX8 SMARTASS
  • The usual things with other ROMs: wifi / bluetooth / usb / sensors / 3d / video / fmradio / camera / rooted / jit / zipaligned / app2sd / ...
  • Smooth. It IS as smooth as CM6 in 2D (menu scrolling/flinging...)
  • A-Theme included.
  • WEP adhoc supported
  • Dual Recovery and reboot to xRecovery/CWM
  • CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside bags.
  • Improved Flipping down mutes ringer
  • Flipping down snoozes alarm
  • Disable LED notification in night
  • Back button ends call
  • Built-in Transparent Status Bar support
  • Hide avatar in SMS
  • Quick Copy / Quick Paste
  • View.measure() method caching for improved 2D performance
  • Custom carrier text
  • Built-in loop ringtone support without OGG editing
  • Optimized ("smoothened") scrolling/flinging
  • Configuration section


Review on v005 by Mr. Disastery :)

Known bugs
  • Battery drain?

- Rooted
- xRecovery | ClockworkMod Recovery (v014+)
- Latest kernel and latest baseband xxx015
- Desire to delete Stock SE's Eclair 

DownloadsNote: If you have any bugs, try full-wipe.

Old downloads
Addons (Optional)Note: flash these after you flash GingerDX
  • Timescape for GingerDX v010+
  • Modules for stock kernel. Flash with CWM. This package contains: AnDyX's Dualtouch for Cypress, AnDyX's smartass governor, ext3/4, X8Gesture, X8MDDI, X8UV.
1. This is my personal ROM. I just want to share it with everybody. You can report bugs here, but don't force me to fix them. I fix what I need. For example, I don't use FM Radio, so if there's a problem with it, I will probably never fix.
2. I am not responsible for any bugs caused by your custom fixes. Use custom fixes at your own risk!
3. Regarding the texts in bottom Lockscreen, I will NOT remove them nor provide any option to disable them. Don't PM/post to ask for the removal. See Notice #1.
4. If you have battery drain, try the following:

  • Clear battery stats in xRecovery
  • Freeze unused services (like Email, DSP Manager, Maps). This is important.
  • Don't set brightness too high
  • Don't install too many unused apps.
  • Turn off WiFi, 2G, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth when unused
  • Turn OFF LED Succession. It's turned of by default, but maybe there are some people still leaving it on.
  • Reboot after you listen to music. Music service caused battery drain (in the past) for me, even when I stopped listening to music.

Install instruction
1. Download
2. Copy to sdcard
3. Reboot to xRecovery | ClockWorkMod Recovery (for v014+)
4. Install custom zip
5. Reboot
All versions will preserve your DATA partition, so don't worry about losing apps/setting.

Themes (Note: I am not responsible for system instability caused by these themes)
GingerDX is CM7. That means it natively supports T-Mobile themes. You can find list of available T-Mobile themes in XDA Android's theme sticky. Download theme to your phone and use Theme Chooser app (included in GingerDX) to select theme.

NoticeVery important. Read all before posting questions!
Release history
  • November 23 v020. Some improvements.
    • CM Nightlies Hero 246+
    • Hide avatar in SMS thread list (shared same option with "Hide avatar in SMS" in GingerDX Settings)
    • Fixed low CPU Floating Point. Thanks ABu33 for his hint.
    • Center clock on status bar
  • November 02 v019. Small fix.
    • CM Nightlies Hero 231+
    • Completely remove recent apps on status bar
    • Small gps tweak (for my personal use in France). It should have faster gps lock.
  • October 25 v018. Small improvements.
    • I am currently very busy, so future releases will not be frequent. Be patient.
    • CM Nightlies Hero 223. CM 7.1.0.
    • Temporarily removed recent apps on status bar. It works well for me though.
    • A-Theme 0.8
    • Some translations added.
  • October 02 v017. Fixes.
    • Fixed WiFi with stock kernel. I reverted back to stock kernel to check and fix. It works with/without LinuxDX
    • Fixed DSP Manager FCs
    • Restored boot sound
    • Restored Sense ringtone. It was lost when I accidentally deleted.
  • October 01 v016. Small improvement.
    • Nightly Hero 199. Android 2.3.7
    • Sensor service is fixed (?)
    • Fixed recent apps on status bar after changing theme.
  • September 24 v015. Looking for stability.
    • Notice: it's optional to install LinuxDX to use with GingerDX. This is not required.
    • Removed modules: UV/MDDI/X8Gesture. All these functionalities are implemented in LinuxDX or custom kernels. If you use stock kernel, download and flash modules for stock kernel in Addon section.
    • Ring Lockscreen by Valera Trubachev. This will probably included in CM7 soon. I only pull the changes early 
    • Reverted to GingerDX v013's wifi.
    • Brought DSPManager back. Everyone please reports battery problems after upgrading to v015.
  • September 18 v014. More improvements
    • Switched to ClockworkMod update scripts. v014+ from now on will use CWM.
    • CM Nightly 169+. CM nightlies are not automatically built these days because is down. This build includes all latest features not available in nightly 169.
    • MiniCM wifi libs from mimorqleko's extraction. Hopefully it would fix wifi problems for certain routers.
    • Recent apps in notification bar. Configurable in GingerDX Settings.
    • Tweaked Life V3 boot animation by sandy4everyone. Thanks mate!
    • A-Theme Lite 0.6b
    • Made dialer buttons bigger, as suggested by alfsamsung. Again, thanks!
  • September 5 v013. Fixes & features in progress on "Sensify".
    • Indonesian translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks howardmatthew168
    • Fixed conflict between "Loop Ringtone" and "Sense 3 lockscreen" options
    • Fixed some translation bugs
    • Smart dialer. Thanks ereslibre!
    • Sense Livewallpaper
    • Sense ringtone
    • Sense boot sound. You don't want this? Delete /system/media/android_audio.mp3
    • Sleep button on Power Control widget
  • August 31 v012. Another small improvement.
    • More app compatibility for Camera. All apps should work.
    • Animate the ring into middle screen when finish unlocking
    • Removed Maps ownhere and Streetview to test battery drain
    • Hungarian translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks levus95
    • German translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks B.Jay
    • Polish translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks eagleeyetom
    • Greek translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks jimdem
    • Croatian translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks Dare-Devil Inside
    • Italian translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks marmolu
  • August 27 v011. Small improvement.
    • Nightly CM7 Hero 164+ (CM 7.1.0 pre)
    • Some internal tweaks
    • Support 24h format for Sense lockscreen
    • ThemeChooser sets wallpaper now. Thanks aldee_s.
    • Temporarily removed DSPManager and Email to check battery drain
    • Russian translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks AChep
    • Portuguese translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks LuisDias.
    • French translation for GingerDX Settings. Thanks Troufiniou.
    • Vietnamese translation for GingerDX Settings.
  • August 19 v010. Some more fixes and tweaks.
    • Small part of the sense 3 lockscreen. Watch the clip below.
    • AnDyX's AX8MT Multitouch module for Cypress users
    • Nice wallpapers from deedii. Thanks!
    • Fixed the famous root apps problem!
    • Disabled LED succession by default. We fixed LED notification in v008, LED succession is not needed anymore.
    • A-Theme Lite 0.5.6
    • Basic Timescape support, taken from GingerCruzt R7.3. I made some modifications to make it work on GingerDX. Thanks FrogyFurnetal.
      • Widget is not working yet
      • I will not include Timescape along with GingerDX, but an instead. I don't want GingerDX to be bloated. Flash it after you flash GingerDX.
    • Maps ownhere 5.9
  • August 14 v009. Minor improvements
    • Fixed lockscreen style for all languages
    • Revealed Sense Lockscreen from the list. You will not need to unlock it anymore. This was fun in v008.
  • August 12 v008BIG update, with many tweaks, fixes and a feature.
    • Nightly CM7 Hero 149 (CM 7.1.0 pre)
    • Wifi tweak to prevent reboot with adhoc when screen off
    • Corrected LED notification (liblight). Users should turn off LED succession now.
    • Use LatinIME from FroyoBread for more input methods
    • Added profile icon in Settings menu
    • Fixed lib camera service. Goggle works.
    • Tweaked low memory killer a bit
    • Tweaked auto brightness based on alfsamsung's suggestion
      • NoteAuto brightness (in Brightness), as well as Use custom and Allow light decrease in CM Settings/Display/Automatic backlight must be ticked.
      • Auto brightness default values are only for fresh GingerDX (full wipe after install). Anyone who didn't full wipe need to edit levels also! See alfsamsung's suggestion.
    • Enabled CM's "Custom light levels" and "Allow light decrease" by default
    • Switched to A-Theme 0.5.4 Lite version. GingerDX was designed to be fast and smooth, but A-Theme (full) slowed it down.
    • Tweaked key layout. Hopefully headset and bluetooth headset work.
    • Reboot menu for all languages
    • Tweaked a little bit Superuser. Need more tests to confirm Root problem solved or not.
    • Random Lockscreen
    • Fixed white rectangle in Radio app. Thanks czar2x. (For your info, I had to sign it)
    • A secret feature. stoyandim uncovered it! 
  • August 08 v007. All FroyoBread features!
    • Transparent status bar
    • Hide avatar in SMS
    • Quick Copy / Quick Paste and its option to activate/deactivate
    • Measure() dimension caching to improve 2D performance
    • Loop ringtone. It works with whatever format of your ringtone is: MP3/OGG/... 
    • Custom carrier text
    • Defaulted LED succession for notification
    • Fixed CWM compatibility
    • Even better fixed autofocus for camera. Goggles works really well this time. 
  • August 04 v006. Small progress.
    • Disabled autofocus to fix all camera-used apps.
    • Back button ends call. Some people may be happy 
    • A little experiment with Superuser. Any reports about unability to root app?
  • August 03 v005. 3MP Camera!
    • Flip to snooze alarm. My favorite feature 
    • Fully working Camera at 3MP 
    • VGA Video Recording. I think there is no unsync between audio and video.
    • Latest FileManager 1.1.6 from OpenIntents
    • Boot logo (FroyoBread style), thanks deedii for his/her idea
    • Added some entries in GingerDX's configuration section
  • August 01 v004. Lots of fixes, improvements and features from FroyoBread
    • Fixed GPS. I accidentally deleted GPS lib from v003 ~.~
    • WEP support. I cannot live without WEP, because I don't have any Access Point except my laptop 
    • Disable LED notification in night
    • Autobrightness tweak by alfsamsung
    • tiwlan configuration from FXPv013a, hopefully it will improve wifi.
    • Mute in calls.
    • Fixed H/3G icon
    • Flip to mute ringer: Clip from FroyoBread.
    • CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside bags (similar to HTC's "Never miss a call")
    • A-Theme 0.4.6b
    • Fixed missing parted for APP2SD
    • Configuration section for GingerDX in CyanogenMod Settings.
  • July 29 v003. More improvements. FM Radio works.
    • APP2SD ext support.
    • X8UV preinstalled
    • A bit reorganized ramdisk and
    • Colorful Settings icons. Thanks tibob77 for your icon base.
    • Reverted back to CM7 boot animation until we have something new 
    • FM Radio
    • Updated Maps ownhere 5.8.0
  • July 28 v002. Some improvements.
    • A little thing on lockscreen 
    • Reboot to xRecovery/CWM
    • VGA Camera. Thanks to the FreeXperia Project.
    • Removed dalvikvm message:
    • D/dalvikvm( 1821): GC_CONCURRENT freed 425K, 48% free 3191K/6087K, external 0K/0K, paused 5ms+25ms
    • A-Theme
    • Reverted to old style Market. New market seems to be incompatible?
  • July 27 v001. Initial release.
    • Nightly CM7 Hero 135+.
    • Optimized PreferenceScreen as well as ListView.
    • Greatly improved smoothness. It took me almost 1 week of hard working to optimize 2d performance to the level of CM6. Enjoy the smoothness of CM6 
2. I am not responsible for any bugs caused by your custom fixes. Use custom fixes at your own risk!

Thanks go to racht, nobodyAtall, zdzihu, jerpelea and lots of other contributors... 
Oops I forgot to thank Cyanogen and CM team for their unbelievable efforts!
Oh, and also Google for their great Android 
Holysh*t, I almost forgot SE because their nice X8 hardware and crappy software support.

I'm not responsible if this ROM bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk!

DonationSupport the developer - donate him :)

Original thread here >> GingerDX ROM by doixanh

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  1. Great job. But I have a problem with Navigon 3.6.2. The gps don't work so good as on your previous version

  2. @Anonymous

    dev says another version will be release soon. maybe a hotfix or newly v006 :)

  3. everything works fine except Auto Brightness and NO WiFi Proxy settings....i really need the WiFi proxy settings cz i have to connect my university's WiFi network....

    great ROM...Hope You will add WiFi Proxy settings in future versions.....keep it up!!

  4. in GingerDX V016 WiFi is broken! It can't see any network!

  5. I ahve updated my GingerDX to v017... i have one prob, whenever the fone is restarted , my network signal goes missing. I need to go to my Wirefless settings n choose the network myself.

    Plz help

  6. i am facing network problem .... when phone remains idle there is a network problem always how to get rid of this problem?? otherwise it is ok...

  7. first start is ok... but when restart system, i stuck on sony ericson logo... any ideas

  8. @Anonymous

    what did you do before that? and which version do u use?

  9. before that.. install some apps from market(update superuser, busybox...), change some setting, and install root explorer, setcpu(i did't change anything).

    then try reconnect wireless then system reboot itself and that is it:)

    i use this version... after that, i help with SonyEricson updater to restore 2.1update1... then i retry with clean instalation. for now it's working, but not sure for how long... i restarted several times and it's ok.... for now:)

  10. I am using gingerdx v018. Its great. But i like to update it to gingerdx v019. Can i do it without full wipe so that no settings or apps will be lost??

  11. where can download ClockWorkMod Recovery (for v014+)? if i use CWM-recovery-, is it suitable to intall gingerdx v017?

  12. guy why my x8 will stuck at the android loading when i update to android 2.3 gingerdx from android 2.1?

  13. I use v019, but when i use wifi, it always authenticating........ then disconnect......then scanning....... authenticating again.....Reapeated many times, please fix it. I use belkin router.

  14. @Anonymous is useless without internet connection..i cant connect to internet..i hope someone can help me

  15. go to xda forum then u will know how to fix it.

  16. hey anonymous can u give me the link of xda on how to fix wifi i didnot found any

  17. Every one who had this problem flashed the ROM again e the problem was solved. I did that and i had no more problems. Sory by my english
    Oh, there is a new update (v21) on XDA forum

  18. dopo l'istallazione della versione 019 con sony ericson x8 si accende e si blocca alla schermata iniziale non permettendo di entrare neanche nella xrecovery per il ripristino alla versione precedente 017 cosa fare?

  19. "guy why my x8 will stuck at the android loading when i update to android 2.3 gingerdx from android 2.1?"
    me too

  20. to change the blue backgount wen i open the dialer or contacts or message?
    please give the link.

  21. Dear all,
    could you help me to root sony xperia neo?

  22. the reason that i ask for help because my phone now cannot login to the menu screen. before i use the pattern to unlock screen, but someone try many time to unlock untill the message error prompted. and i also forget password gmail.


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